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"Willow Run" at The Purple Rose Theatre

Price: $87.00

During WWII the Willow Run Bomber Plant, located near Ypsilanti, Michigan, was the largest factory under one roof in the world. Some 40,000 employees, mostly women, turned out B-24 Bombers at a rate of one every 55 minutes. Willow Run follows the journey of four of those women who migrated from all over america to find new lives at the plant. Alng the way they overcome a multitude of challenges, learn to endure new sorrows, overcome deep-seated prejudices and forge new friendships. Prior to the performance a lunch/shopping stop in the quaint city of Plymouth. A delicious lunch will be served at E.G. Nicks.

INCLUDES: Motor coach, lunch, theatre tickets, and a travel escort.

Register by 07.27.18