Success Stories

St. Clair Shores Adult & Community Education has had a lot of success stories of the years. Whether it has been a student earning their High School diploma, to a student passing all 4 sections of the GED, to learning the English language, our programs have helped many in our community.

ESL to GED to New Opportunities

I passed all the sections of the GED test at first attempt. St. Clair Shores Adult & Community Education helped me a lot. At first, I was a student in the ESL program. Then I decided to take the GED class because I could get a better job if I had the GED certificate. I took part in the GED program. Under the help of my teachers as well as their online programs, I was motivated and ready for the test. SCSACE also provided the students with all four sections of GED practice test at the end of each semester....I am pleased that there were so many ways to achieve my goal. I now have a job as a  tutor for High School exchange students! I am very lucky that I had the chance to get to know St. Clair Shores Adult & Community Education, and I am very grateful for everyone who had helped me. Thank you!

Student: Claudia Stachura

I Earned my G.E.D!

I want to personally thank (St. Clair Shores Adult & Community Education) for your time and effort in helping me earn my GED. If it wasn't for you all, I don't think I would have been able to accomplish passing the test on my first try It was with your help and guidance that I was able to be scucessful and have the confidence to do this....I can't begin to thank you enough. As educators, you are very engaging and enthusiastic in your approach to teaching. I enjoyed learning from each of you. You made class fun, interesting, and I looked forward to coming every week!...just know that people like me appreciate everything you're doing and you help students greatly when it comes to providing us with the education to be able to continue our academics.

Student: Emily Nevinski


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